How can I insert a tag cloud into my blog @ blogspot?

good blogspot gadgets on 12 Pack of Goodbye Dog:Ngetestog
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How can I insert a tag cloud into my blog @ blogspot? I try using the gadget options but I can't find a 3rd party one listed. Can someone please show we where to get one and how to install it?

It's a very easy Step! Just Insert or copy paste the words (keywords) in the tags field, when you enter a new post. You can visit some blogs for more help!

How can I make a proffesional looking BlogSpot page?

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I want it to have alot of good gadgets, a good design, I want it to look proffesional........What do i do? Thanks So Much!

Well you'll need to get logos and backgrounds. Try getting a gif image background if you want it to look professional and great a good looking logo. Then make your page look like todays internet trend make the edges rounded and try no to use adsense ads cause they just mess up your blog.

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