Sony Video 8 Camcorder - does anyone know where I can lay my hands on an RFU-85 connector?

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I have a pile of 8mm cassettes, recorded on a camcorder that has long since gone.

I have acquired a camcorder with a view to transferring the movies to my DVD recorder, but the only output provided is the composite adaptor, designated RFU-85, which was not provided with the camcorder. My searches for this adaptor have proved unsuccessful.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.
Thanks, Dennis.

Good point re including the camcorder model details. Yes, it is a CCD-V8AF-E. I have the manual, and it specifies that the connector should be the RFU-85.

The tapes are viewable in the viewfinder.

I'm in the UK, so I believe the PAL format is appropriate. I am a complete novice in this field, but I have doubts whether the RFU-88UC adaptor will be appropriate.

Hi Jamie:     [UPDATE EDIT -- see below]

Even though you didn't say which Sony model Video8 camcorder you have (that info ALWAYS helps!), I can safely assume you have the old Handycam CCD-V8AF which had the odd 24-pin A/V connector for that "RFU-85" RF & AV in/out adapter.

That's a common problem I see on A/V discussion forums, but it's also an item that shows up on eBay now & then (there's one there now for $7 USD: ).

You'll occasionally see one that's the "RFU-85E" which is the European model, but the AV out connectors will still work on your US model Handycam. (The RF-out produces a PAL TV signal that won't work on your TV's antenna connection.) But the RCA signals (video and audio) will be fine.

Of all the Video8 replacement camcorders you could buy, you picked one of the hardest models to connect to. Newer Sony's used a simple 3.5mm "headphone style" adapter cable that other AV gadgets commonly use. Your other alternative would be a Hi8 or Digital8 model (compatible with playback of older Video8 tapes). They also used simpler AV-out connections. They also had S-Video outputs for better picture quality.

If your "pile of 8mm cassettes" won't play in the CCD-V8AF (you can verify in the viewfinder), it means your tapes were most-likely recorded on a newer Hi8 camcorder (which uses a different recording format). Video8 & Hi8 tape decks are backward-compatible, but not "forward compatible".

hope this helps,
--Dennis C.

===Update edit===
Jamie: There are also the RFU-85E versions on eBay's UK website now & then. One sold back in February for less than 3 quid: , and the same Seller has the RFU-88E (which probably doesn't fit your model), but you might contact him for leads via his current auction over the next 9 days:

An alternate version that's supposed to also fit is the RFU-87E, so that gives you another model # to watch for on eBay or Amazon, etc.

cheers, --DC

P.S. To fellow Contributor "lare": The Handycam V8AF series only had a proprietary 24-pin I/O connector (for the RFU-85, which was both modulator & A/V in-out adapter with RCA jacks). So, no alternate A/V port like on newer Sony models.

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