how to reinstall slideshow gadget in windows 7 professional?

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Michael C

i accidentally uninstalled the slide show gadget from the gadgets window

im currently using Windows 7 Professional... is there anyway to install it back?

click on the Start button
when the menu pops up type the word


into the search box
In the results that show up click on:

Restore desktop gadgets installed with Windows

I hope this helps

Mike the mod @ vista_ & Win7

How do I make windows 7 look like vista?

Chappy Fac

Ok so i just spent so much money to upgrade to win7 and i looks like shit I really wish I did not blow my wallet on this -_-.Is there any way to make it look like vista i dont hate win7 but there was no other way i wanted to buy vista, *32bit

What do you want to change? I have Vista in my laptop and like it. I used Windows 7 in a recent desktop build. Changed some things to look and behave like Vista. Made my Task Bar like Vista. Do not like how the icons look. Hate how the icons in the Quick Launch move around when you open windows. Made the Sidebar always show my gadgets like Vista. Changed all the childish user folder icons to look like Vista. Made it so the Libraries do not show in the Navigational Tree taking up space. Email me or add a comment and I will help if I can. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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