How do I add a search button to find specific posts in my blog (blogspot)?

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I am so new to this and can't find a gadget that seems to work in blogger. I basically want to create a button where you click on it and it will find all posts that are an upcoming event in my blog. How do I do that?

And how do you add a basic "search your blog for..." search gadget to your blog?

-- you already have one - it's called the F3 key. Hit it and type in whatever you want to search for.

How to view a blog without increasing the blog's view count?


On Blogspot.
I do not have a blog myself, but there is a blog that I want to look at without the person knowing there is anyone viewing it.

If you go to Design and then click on edit in the Counter gadget, you can opt to not record your own page views.

If you have not already done so, you can also go to StatCounter (it is free) and get a code to put on your Blogspot Blog. You just create it and then copy and paste the HTML code into a gadget (HTML/Java Script) in Design. With it, I just blocked my IP address so that my own visits will not be recorded.

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