What's a cheap good yugioh deck in the new format?

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Tony Dong

I can't really play my old deck, machina gadgets anymore because it's eating destroyed by the ban list and I wz thinking of switching 2 macro but aftr mst is unlimited and heavy storm is unbanned I'm sort of stuck.

A cheap deck you say? Well a cheap deck that doesn't need a lot of investing is a fairy deck. With the new release of Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck you can just buy 2 (or even 3) and put them together. They are quite competitive and should be decent. Another deck that is relatively cheap is a black wing deck. Simply buy a couple of Duelist Pack: Crow and add a few staples and your deck should be done. And if done correctly your deck should be tournament quality.

Btw, a machina gadget deck can still be pretty competitive even after the ban list.

What is the best type of YuGiOh deck?


Yeah, yeah, I know, there is no "best" deck, it all depends on strategy, etc., but there are undoubtedly decks that have better odds than others. From my research, it seems as though Six Samurai and Lightsworn decks are doing pretty well lately, but is it only a passing fad? They have pretty large weaknesses, too - so what would you say is the most reliable type of deck out there?

Well, lightsworns, blackwings, x-sabers, gladiator beasts, and six samurai are the top dogs right now. If you want to look at newer archetypes, I would check out the new dragunity structure deck or the gravekeeper's seem to be popular. (Dueled 2/4 gravekeepers at a locals tourney). I personally run a macro monarch deck (love it) and am putting together a machina gadgets deck. The most AFFORDABLE top tier is the machina gadgets, gravekeeper's, and maybe dragunity. All of these choices are excellent, if money wasnt an issue though, I would go for Six Samurai. People have been saying how it is going to be the only Tier 0 deck in yugioh. It will probably get nerfed soon though. I also heard the new "Fabled" archetype is supposed to be pretty good.


Affordable, top-tier decks:

Machina Gadgets
Monarch Variant (Im probably biased on this one)

If you have hundreds of dollars:

Six Samurai
Blackwing (definitely, lots of new support)
Lightsworn (blackwing more so though)

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