What is the purpose of a gadget oppression deck in yugioh?

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i am thinking about making a gadget deck i and i was just curious. Also how are they so good and if possible could you make a good deck list for me

Alright heres the true lowdown from a guy who played that very deck since the release of Phantom Darkness. The deck is primarily Anti-Meta which means that it tries to use cards to counter the most popular decks in the game. In the past (and partially now) this meant shutting down special summoning in order to slow the game down, this way you and your opponent should only be able to summon 1 monster per turn usually. However because of your gadgets friendly abilities you gain a +1 advantage in your hand each time you summon while your opponent doesn't..usually. The biggest problem with the deck these days is the rise of blackwings and what they commonly do..pretty much the same thing as gadgets, summon and get a +1 via Black Whirlwind, and they can keep it up longer meaning if the game lasts long enough their advantage becomes greater than yours. Thats generally where grave control comes in (Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer is a must, maybe D.D. Crow sided in). Sadly with the rise of blackwings the deck isn't nearly as good as it once was, but its a wonderfully cheap and strategic deck to play, good luck!

what is a good, fairly cheap, tournament competative yugioh deck?


I'm looking for a good yugioh deck which will be competative at tournaments and comes at a relatively cheap price. Please let me know your suggestions and what you guys think. If you can, including a decklist would also be nice. Thanks

Peter Cheng's Machina Gadget deck = )
except for Gold Sarcophagus


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