Which type of Exercise Bike is the best?

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I definitely prefer an upright bike over a recumbent one, simply because the latter is for lazy snobs. I've seen bikes with electronic controls and bikes with mechanical ones, and I wonder what type of features the electronic ones have? Which ones are more lasting and feel smoother?

electronic ones are a more high tech than manual ones of course.
the electronic ones, can set different resistance for you, and it has different types of workout plans digitally installed in its programs. It also tells your heart rate, distance, and speed.

Manual ones though, will hold up better over time, since they don't use all these fancy gadgets. Just pedal and go, and thats all about it.

I recommend getting an electric one if you can, but if you are on a budget, a manual one will do fine also.

How do you make a chain saw bike like the one on the gadget show?


I saw a chainsaw powered bike on the gadget show and it went really fast how do you make it

you should search it on youtube to find your ans.

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