Interesting techs in a Machina Gadget deck?

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I'm an experienced Gadget player but after a while, i began to realize that my deck is so similar to all the online ones... Quite honestly, i dont want to be a conformist and play with such a predictable deck. Do any yugioh players here have tech ideas for a NON solidarity machina gadget deck? I have put an effect veiler and a snowman eater in the main deck. testing is still in progress. :)

Thanks in advance!

Well, I playtested with a Gigantes for a beatstick and because of the banning of Heavy Storm, that was ok, I did miss the 800 atk boosts to the gadgets though. Not having Solidarity means you can run any monster so considering running the staples. Not sure why you would be using Snowman Eater though.

How would you build a Cyber deck for YuGiOh? Same question for a Gadget/Machine Deck?


I just wanted some insight and some good advice on how to do this. I just started playing last week and still am building up my deck. So far for the Gadget/Machine deck, I only have the structure deck for that. For the Cyber I have a couple of cards here and there highlighted by Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Dragon, Cyber Ourbourus, Cyber Laser Dragon, and a few cards here and there. Please help out this beginner! Email me!

I assume you don't really need a deck list; even if people do gave you a list, it's still up to you to follow them or not, isn't it?
Anyways, I'll give you some of the things you might want to keep in mind when building a machine deck.

- Always include in your deck the legendary staples (MST, Heavy Storm know them), and on a Machine Deck's case, LIMITER REMOVAL
- Try to add an additional drawing power to your deck. Splashing in a couple of Cyber Phoenix's and Dekoichi's will be really helpful. (refer to the respective cards effect for further info)
- For the Gadget Decks, using 2 of each of the three gadget is probably the best ratio. Using 1 of each and the gadget's effect will be totally diminished, use 3 or each and your deck will be "over crowded"
- This might seem obvious but always make sure to have Jinzo on your deck. I really don't have to enumerate the reasons why... :)
- If you're running a Cyber Deck, use Chimeratech Overdragon for the overkill. And while you're at it, add Future Fusion and Overload Fusion.
- Use cards that recycles your monster's effect or has an additional benefit aside from this. Pot of Avarice is a good example; it put backs 5 monster from your grave to your deck and gives you 2 draws. A very good business if you ask me.
- Don't exceed the 40 card minimum. It increases your chance of drawing the most needed cards.

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