Where do I get the vista desktop sidebar for windows 7?

good weather gadget for windows 7 on In a very cool move by iRiver, the U10 will also support Macromedia ...
good weather gadget for windows 7 image

Rin Medea

I have just gotten a new laptop with windows 7 as the operating system and I am used to the sidebar in vista that could show the weather/date/games etc. I have tried just to google it and did find something but it wasn't the same as the sidebar I got with vista. Is there a special website I can go to to install one?

Right-click the desktop and there should be an option labelled "Gadgets." They've been improved over Vista in that they're no longer confined to a sidebar. You can drag them anywhere on the screen now.

Why do some gadgets just not work in gmail that work in igoogle?


For example: I wanted to only use gmail rather than also using igoogle. So I tried to put the same weather gadget I used in igoogle in gmail. But it didn't work.

Is there any way to get past that, by changing the code in the gadget?

You can't drag any gadgets into gmail. If you want to view a weather gadget then install google desktop. Don't know about Mac, but Ubuntu and Windows Vista and 7 all have built in gadgets.


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