What should I get my boyfriend for christmas?

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I'm not quite sure what to get my boyfriend for christmas that he'll like. He isn't into much. I know he plays the guitar here and there, but he doesn't do it professionally or all the time. He plays fall soccer, but that's over now and I know he's in karate but he isn't a big fan of it. That doesn't really give me much to work by. He is into video games, but I don't know the first thing about video games or what game systems or out there or what he has and if I started asking he'd be quick to figure it out since I'm clueless there. Anyway, he does love sentimental stuff so I made a scrapbook of all of the things we've done together over the last year. But i'd like to get him something a little more too. He got me a nice necklace for my birthday, and I feel like I don't give him as much as he deserves since he's so wonderful. I don't know what else to do though that he would like. Do you have any ideas that's rather cheap? (I'm on a budget of $20ish)

Suggestions for all:

1. A Visa credit card with a limited amount of money on it. They can be used at any store.
2. Food items such as a basket of fruit. You can find these at grocery stores.
3. Christmas Poinsettia flower. Or other types of flowers in vases.
4. Christmas box of foods such as summer sausages, cheeses, fruits.
5. Large box of good brand chocolates.
6. Wine. Or a case of special type of beers.
7. DVD movies. Or a hand held DVD player.
8. Netflix for a month or a year.
9. Something for the house or bedroom.
10.Box of frozen rib eye steaks from a mail order steak house. They come in dry ice. Take out the dry ice and put steaks in their box into a freezer. Great gift for dads.
11.Crock Pot.
12.Kitchen electric grill such as the George Foreman type...but there are many more brands to choose from if you wish.
13.Small TV for bedroom. Or large LED-HD TV.
14.Novels. Or novels on DVDs where someone reads the story outloud.
15.Terry cloth bath robe with matching bath slippers.
16.Lunch boxes that look nice. Check out this website:
FUN GADGETS for boyfriends, brothers, dads:

1. Dynaflex Powerball.
2. Golf GPS.
3. Finger drums(let their fingers do the drums).
4. USB missile launcher.
5. Snowball maker.
6. Magic wand remote.
7. Tablet computer floor stand.
8. USB desktop fan.
9. Swiss army knife USB.
10.Tape-to-MP3 converter.
11.Laser projection keyboard.
12.Electric scooter
13.Nice looking lunch boxes. Check out this website:
For Girls:

1. Video games for girls
2. Sims 3 video game.
3. Game console like a wii and a couple of games.
4. A Visa credit card with a limited amount of money on it. They can be used at any store.
5. Electric scooter.
6. Terry cloth bath robe with matching bath slippers.
7. Matching nail polish and lip stick.
8. Kitchen appliances for learning to cook.
9. Chairs for girls and teen ager girls; click this link, hope it shows:

10.Lunch boxes that look nice. Check out this website:
Perfumes for the ladies. Buy small bottles:

1. Chanel #5 (you will not believe how wonderful this one smells...been around since 1927-women still love it)

2. Shalimar (out of this world wonderful)

3. Orange blossums (smells like wonderful orange blossum flowers)

What is the perfect gift for my best friends?


I have my best friends that are very close. I need the perfect holiday gifts. The most I can spend is $45. We are all girls. Can anyone help me find the perfect gifts?

me and my best friend always give each other awesome presents for christmas this year I am making her a shirt (with iron on paper at michaels and plain t-shirt) that says "I have survived swine flu" and "this is my weekend shirt" its sort of an inside joke but the swine flu is because me and her got swine flu and she said she wanted a shirt that said that (I think as a joke) and I made it she will laugh her head off when she sees it. I'm also getting a teddy bear and making a mini bear shirt that says that on it and making homemade take five bars (best candy in the world!!!) its just by melting chocolate and putting peanut butter on a pretzel and putting peanuts or cashews on top of the peanut butter and dipping it in chocolate this isn't exactly a take 5 by but it has the whole idea the pretzel. Another thing I am getting for her is one of those little jewelry things in the middle of the isles at like kohls for like ten bucks. I'm also making cookies and getting her a bunch of little nick nacks at the dollar store and walmart putting some more candy in there add confetti tinsel and tissue paper in a decorative basket that can be used again and putting that see through stuff on top with ribbon and a bow and voila i have an awesome christmas present for like 20 bucks I'll probly get her like perfume or something because I practicly live at her house and I always get her mom some sort of cooking gadget (shes an awesome cook). haha that was insanely long

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