Is there a way to get the Windows Vista sidebar gadgets for XP?

good weather gadget on Blackberry finally gets a good looking weather app: BerryWeather ...
good weather gadget image


Like the weather gadget, calendar and time, and all that.

Yes, youcan download it from:
and for more gadgets, visit:

How do i add the weather into my taskbar in Windows 7?

Nicholas S

If i have to install a app, then give me the name of the app and where i can download the app. Make sure it's a free app because i have no money to buy an app; in fact, i have NO money at all as of right now. if this is important, then i have a Windows 7 Home Premium laptop. It's handy to have a weather gadget on the desktop but since a gadget can only be on the desktop, i can't view it anywhere i am (such as internet, program, watching a video, etc.).


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