what is a good, fairly cheap, tournament competative yugioh deck?

yugioh good gadget deck on gameLib - Dicas e Truques para Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny ...
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I'm looking for a good yugioh deck which will be competative at tournaments and comes at a relatively cheap price. Please let me know your suggestions and what you guys think. If you can, including a decklist would also be nice. Thanks

Peter Cheng's Machina Gadget deck = )
except for Gold Sarcophagus


Can someone help with yugioh deck questions?


Would a gadget deck or a stun deck be better in this format? Also does tragoedia really boost an anti-meta deck alot?

Alright heres what it comes down to. Gadgets are played as a draw base, not much more. They are to anti-meta decks as allure of darkness is to dark decks and solar recharge is to lightsworn. Most stun decks have no draw base and if u lose field control you probably don't have the hand to back it up, which makes them a little tough to play. Gadgets have a better chance of recovery in this sense. Both decks tend to play Royal Oppression so I really don't care to play Tragoedia in either.

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