Predictions for the next yugioh format?

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hi. Im trying to figure out what deck I'm going to build next and l read the madolche will be good with the next set. Have any ideas? I was thinking lswarm or dino fist, wind-up

Well,the current top decks as of now are:

Tier 1: Prophecy,Elemental Dragons and Evilswarm.

Tier 2: Mermail,Fire Fists,Gadgets

Elemental dragons have just been released so I doubt they will get a significant hit from the banlist.The same goes for Evilswarm.

Fire Fists expect more support(Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Chicken),plus tenki is used for an upcoming arctype(Bujin),so I guess they are safe for the next format too.

I wouldn't be surpised if prophecy and the rest were hit,since they've been out for a long time.

If you want to build a deck for the next format that is cheap and effective I'd suggest Evilswarm.They are constistent and have quite a few power plays.

Here's a typical Evilswarm deck->

Madolche's are decent,but not THAT great in competitive play.They still do top from time to time though,mostly in regionals.

Madolche deck(since you seem to be interested)->

Good luck with whatever deck you decide to play:D!

what is considered meta this march in yugioh? 2013?


im confused on what meta is this 2013with the new banlist.

Elaborating on what louis kos said

Spellbooks - Spellbook Judgment Day made this archetype plus SO hard. Meta

Wind-Ups - Won't be able to XYZ spam as much. I disagree with this deck being meta

Dino/Macro Rabbits - lost consistency with the Sangan ban. But still pretty devastating. Meta

Inzektors - Dragonfly hit, Hornet hit. Not meta. I repeat, NOT meta

Mermail/Atlanteans - Didn't even get touched in the list, and actually got a bit more support with the water elemental dragons and a new Abyss monster. Meta

Geargia/Karakuri - Actually haven't seen this a lot on the big screen (may be just me), but I do know that they have good synergy with each other. Can be meta.

Machina/Gadgets - Still a solid deck for the next format. Meta

Fire Fists - The next tier 1. Meta

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