What is a great but inexpensive gift for a wonderful man on Valentine's Day?

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I am blessed to be loved by a wonderful man who means the world to me, however I am completely poor. He likes the finer things and gadgets I cannot even come close to affording. I am looking for ideas for Valentine's Day. What would you truly appreciate for Valentine's Day?

You say you are completely poor then i would write him a long letter about how you feel about him and talk about the times you had, what you like about him and how he makes you feel. If you can afford it, make him a nice dinner and have some candles going if you have them. Dress up if you can. Dance to some slow music. If you are intimate give him a massage, take a hot bath together or shower and do whatever you choose in the shower and after the shower.

What would be a good birthday gift for my teacher?


I have a Geography teacher (a guy) who will be having his birthday in another week or so. He's really funny and out going. He loves computer games and gadgets (especially androids) and board games. He's really special for me so I was thinking about giving him something good. My friend suggested a tie or an ink pen. Would that be good? Or will something else be better?
I am going to bake him cupcakes at his surprise birthday party and make a personal gift consisting of messages saying happy birthday from the whole school. But I think buying another gift would be good touch to the surprise.

I think a hand made gift would be better. Your teacher sounds SOO much like my geography teacher, hes young funny outgoing loves androids and gadgets and for his 31st birthday i got him a bag of hershey kisses cause its his favorite chocolate,although everyone got the wrong idea because they were "kisses" but w.e people are stupid. For christmas i got him an oxford with a tie and he adored it. But my teacher LOVES hand made gifts, make him a card, give him a drawing for example my teacher loves phineas and ferb so i made him a drawing. And for all the others this isnt BRIBING... you just love your teacher and want to show appreciation for all hes done for you... the idea of the globe is bad hes a geo teacher he probably has 50 of those, maybe a collectible or a deco item for his class like those fancy compass roses or a man holding the world etc... good luck

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