SONIC SCATTER-CAT has anyone else bought one of these useless items?

look good gadget on How To Look Good Naked: Toiletry Bag - Gadgets at (UK)
look good gadget image


Its a megaphone looking gadget that emits high pitched sound with a laser pointer to deter cats but the cats in my garden just chase the laser beam the thing is useless.
They are selling like hot cakes on Ebay and the don't even work

You got ripped off. Stop buying things from hobos

which yugioh booster packs should i start buying?


okay i am building a machine deck and i want cards that negate trap and spell cards effects. what are some good cards for that. i already have a couple jinzos. what else is there? and i am looking for gadgets. what booster packs do they usually come in? and also i am trying to go for a genex deck/gadget deck... that a good idea or a no?

Not a good idea at all. Gadgets don't come in any pack. They come in Structure Deck Machina Mayhem. Go buy 3 of those and you have all you need. Don't waste money on packs.

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