Does it take a minuscule moment for electricity to stop traveling through headphone wires after unplugging?

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If you were to slow it waaaay down, would there be any time difference between when you unplug your headphones from your gadget to when the headphones quit making sound altogether? Do they still play whatever noise they were sent for a brief moment before going silent?

the way a headphone works is electricity passes through a coil that generates a magnetic field proportional to the current. this field is attracted or repulsed (depending on current direction) by the permanent magnet and this pushes the diaphragm in and out moving air that you hear as "sound". removing the electricity causes the magnetic field to collapse which takes a few microseconds and the diaphragm returns to the neutral position. so, no the music does not continue to play, just a slight inaudible whoop.

What kind of gadgets should I buy?


Well, i going to travel to a duty-free zone, but i don't know what i should buy apart from a notebook, a mobile phone an a digital camera.

Since you're buying a notebook, I suggest all sorts of bluetooth accessories. That way, everything you do will be wireless. You can listen to music, talk on the phone or skype (for example), and even stream to other devices.

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