How do you shop for assistive technology and daily living aids?

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I work for a retailer that sells these kinds of products and I'm curious to hear how people like to shop for gadgets.

Not everybody thinks about these things, so here are some specific questions:
Do you prefer to search online or go to a store?
Do you browse looking for ideas or do you search for specific products for specific tasks?
Is what you get / where you shop limited by your income or insurance company?

Good question, I guess it depends on the client and whether they can get out to a store to look & try things, and if they have mobility issues it can be difficult, so some will shop online for convenience.

As a Youth & Disability support worker many of my clients need different mobility aids and other specialized equipment, many of the clients OTs help them with finding the correct equipment, and even bring the equipment to the clients home, adjust and instruct the client in its use. But some client like to look around the shops for price comparison, especially if they are not eligible for funding.

I had to buy a walking stick last year for myself, I did look online, but was unsure which one would be better for me, because of my hands, so I shopped around for style & price comparison and one of the stores were very helpful, making sure my walking stick was the correct height for me, they even suggested one with an arthritis handle, because of Raynard's in my hands, they even made sure I walked around the store to get the feel of it. They were slightly dearer, but the service made up for the price. Much to my disgust we can't claim for it through our Health Insurance company, which I think is grossly unfair, given how much I pay each month.

I felt this particular store were very helpful and would recommend them, because of the help they offer, even people buying mobility scooter is allowed to drive around the shop and car park to learn how to control the scooter. Where as one of the other stores was less then helpful, hand no suggestion in regards to my hands issue.

If my car won't start can a shop complete a diagnostic test?


I took my car to a repair shop an they said that they will do a diagnostic test to see whats wrong. But how can a diagnostic test be performed on a non-operating vehicle?
The shop told me I need a new engine for a 1995 car, but when I took it to my uncle instead he changed the oil and put in new spark plugs an it runs great now. The point is I paid the shop for nothing since he couldn't figure that out.

They have their gadgets and test equipment used in diagnosing your car.

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