Guys: Do you think a girl should get a guy a gift for Valentines?

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If so, than what? Guys seem to be difficult to shop for when it comes to any occasion in general in my opinion. I know girls can simply be given flowers, a stuffed animal, chocolates, etc. However, every guy is different! Not to mention you can't just get a guy flowers or a teddy bear as you can with a girl because it is too feminine. Any advice, opinions, ideas, or stories of what former girlfriends have done for you would be great!

Hi Kim
I know you asked the guys to answer this one but I couldn't help myself from butting in. In a way the whole idea and concept of Valentines Day has been taken away, it was literally meant as a tradition where a young man fancied a lady then he would send her a card to show his heart was for her, mind you she had to guess who it was,

Well fair enough, time changes and the years move on, and these days females and guys do buy each other cards to say the least. If their in a serious relationship with each other they often will buy their partner a gift. And I agree with you romantic presents are difficult to buy for a guy. But there are some nice things you could do. Here's some idea's :-

A bottle of champagne in a box with one single red rose.

A nice fountain pen or good quality biro.

Chocolates - yes Guys have a sweet tooth too, but get the chocolates in a novelty box, such as a Football or baseball.

A nice neck chain or something modern to wear round his neck like a dog chain, I might have got that name wrong for what I mean, but one of those tags that soldiers wear, only in a modern design.

Three pairs of boxer shorts red with white hearts on, or whatever colour they do. Wrap some posh chocolates up in them too.

If you stop and really think about it, there are lots of things guys like, just think about what he is into, does he like baseball or cricket, you could get him a cap branded in his favorite team, Is he still at school, or work, why not something to do with one of those things, something that he would use daily, such as a filo fax or diary, or some sort of office/school gadget.

Its all well and good asking guys their opinion, but remember guys are not deep thinking like we females are, I guess that is why I like to put my penny worth in. Some are of course, but on the whole it takes a special guy to sit down and think just exactly his girlfriend would like, and still surprise her with the gift.

Hope I have given you some ideas, but if your not going steady with a guy, buying them gifts is not necessarily going to attract them to you, in fact what they'll do is just brag and feel even more conceited than they already do if they gets lots of other Valentines cards etc too.

Guys tend to notice the girl that stands out in the crowd by not conforming to what they think girls conform too. Remember at the end of the day, even though we all have to move along with modern times, Valentines Day really is about a man chasing a woman, not the other way round.

Hope you get what you wish for.


What is a good electronic gadget gift for a guy who has the basic electronics?


The occasion is 22nd birthday. He has the basic electronics like a digital camera, iPod 3G, HDTV, PS3, new car stereo, and home theater system.

Thanks for any ideas <3

A GPS, if you can afford it - start around $150
An FM transmitter for his car so he can listen to his ipod.

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