What kind of career path is making gadgets like the hidden camera clocks or other"james bond"ish items?

good gadgets to have on According to the designer, this cool design plays on several basic ...
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dustyn c

What are some companies that make hi tech gadgets? Does anyone know what schools are advised for these type of jobs?

Gadgets? Of course engineering

What are the different gadgets that use RADIATION?

Isaac Luma

I'm referring to the gadgets like the X-Ray machine. It uses radiation. I wanna know what are the other gadgets that use and has radiation. Need 'em for my assignments. Thanks !
@ Smart AZ

Yeah! I've done some research. But I'm a bit confused what the net has something about it. SO I asked it here. Anyway, thanks!

@ Ben Snowman

That sure helps. Thanks!



CT/X ray scan

PET scan

radioactive tracers and imaging in the body

smoke detectors

radiation detectors

nuclear reactors (hey, if you can call something as huge as an X ray machine a gadget, I think a huge nuclear reactor counts, too)

fluorescent lightbulbs

silicon implantation in computer chips

The list goes literally on and on

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