What's a fun/useful bike accessory for a serious cyclist who already has safety equipment and water mugs?

good bike gadgets on Pimp Your Bike: Cerevellum at ecogadget
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I'm looking for a gift for my dad who loves to ride his bike, he does the DALMAC every year, is over 60 years old and rides for fun and to stay fit.

If he's into gadgets, look into cyclo computers or GPS attachments that allow him to track and save his data to a PC. Garmin makes a good unit for this
Lights are always good.
And any accessory that is carbon fiber is always a plus (bottle cages, handlebars, stems, seatposts, etc.)
you could always get him a rear rack and some panniers to encourage him to bring more stuff with him.

My sister got me a clock made from an old bicycle chainring from resourcerevival.com
My father is also an avid cyclist and one year I got him a training book called "Cycling past 50."

Can you stand for a day without opening your computer and your cellphone?


These gadgets has been a necessity to all of us. Can you live without them for just a day?

yes i can and yes i wish i was allowed to. i would love a day off from all the work that would be ace i would switch them off (phones internet, compters) and relax all day. go biking, having fun with mates and etc... its jus life today is based around work, careera etc... and work is base around computers and phones aargh

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