What are some good christmas present ideas?

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I need some good christmas present ideas for my family. I am buying the stuff from amazon and have no clue what to get. Price isnt an issue just try not to go over 200 each. Ill get some cheap some expensive I guess. There is a 17 year old male. An 11 year old girl but she doesnt like makeup and stuff like that shes more into electronics or rc cars and stuff like that. There is also a 39 year old lady and a 45 year old male. Any ideas will help because I am soooo lost right now. Thanks so much.
Thanks for the answers so far. I am creating a list. We already have 2 consoles and an Ipod touch and a tablet.

17 male - headphones, track shoes, a cool looking jacket or a backpack
11 girl - headphones, iPhone R/C Microcar from Vat19, gadget cleaning kit, a fancy digital clock, USB cup warmer or USB fan
39 lady - hand cream/lotion, home fragrance diffuser, fancy tea set, towel set or perfume
45 male - towel set, neck tie, wine, shirt or watch

What kind of birthday present should I get for my boyfriend?


My boyfriend's birthday is on Thursday and I am clueless as hell as to what to get him. He's turning twenty. He loves gaming, electronic gadgets, he likes smoking and drinking, what would you guys suggest?

for the electronic gadgets - a Blackberry? they are so cool!

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