Is there a windows media player gadget that can be controlled by my laptop buttons?

good driver gadget on Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 Webcam: The VX'ed Webcam
good driver gadget image


My laptop has the play, stop, back, forward, etc buttons. The media player gadgets i've found so far can't be controlled by them.

Windows media player should work with them. You may need to install the proper drivers.

Where can I find a midi driver to play Super Solvers Gizmos & Gadgets on my windows 7 computer?


I get the following message while trying to run Gizmos & Gadgets:

"The MIDI driver for your sound card could not be found. Make sure that the correct sound card drivers are installed before restarting Gizmos & Gadgets. Consult your sound cards's documentation for additional information."

It won't let me run the program without it. What should I do?

hi, guess you need a correct a sound driver. hope this link can help you:
good luck

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