What is a good Christmas present for a 14 year-old boy that likes to hunt?

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Joy W

It's my husband's younger cousin who lives in Oklahoma. I think he hunts deer, wild turkey and wild hog. Is there any kind of hunting gadget or something in the $20 range?
Some good ideas, thank you. He has already been hunting for years and has taken the hunter safety course. And he only hunts with his dad who is extremely careful.

can't go wrong with some hunting attire. or a nice folding hunting chair. Get him some camo or a hunting vest that should keep you under 20 bucks.

What can I get as a really good present for my 17 year old best friend?


Basically I have this friend and shes been best mates with me for like 12 years. Recently I havent spoken to her much but shes always there for me and I want to repay her with a really good birthday present!

Please give me some ideas??
She will be 17. She will also be learning to drive. Creative and personalized things she would probably like...But I don't know what to get?

You can get some really cool, but still original things on play.com, lastminute.com and amazon.com... Some things that I found good were:

- There are some cool DVDs and CDs out at the moment, find one that she likes or wants to see/listen to.

- You can get some cool T-shirts, if she likes that sort of thing, or you could just buy some clothes...

- You could get her a voucher for something like iTunes or HMV, so she can buy whatever she wants.

- Another idea is to take her out for dinner/lunch, a drink or even a coffee/milkshake etc.

- There are also some really cool gadgets out there, such as Flip Ultra (this little video camera - its very cool), iPod speakers (especially the iBlock), there are also digital photo frames and digital keyrings...

- You could pay to take her to the cinema or a concert or a theatre show, my friends went to see Wicked they said it was amazing!

- You could make her something, thats a good thing to do if you don't have much money (it also shows that you really tried).

There are loads of things that you could get her... If you can, instead of buying a gift, get all of your friends together and organize a suprise birthday party! That would be awesome!

Have fun searching, etc... Good luck, I hope I helped! x

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