How do i get back the gadgets thing that was on the right side of my screen?

good gadgets for win7 on Volume Gadget - Windows 7 Desktop Gadget
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Just anoth

i have a dell inspiron and i really liked having all those gadgets there and the other day it just disappeared.

Right click a blank area on your desktop/then click the gadgets in the menu. This works on Win7, not sure if you have that. It should work on Vista as well. Hope that helps you.

Where can I find a Game Spy Comrade Windows 7 Desktop Gadget?

Douglas Sp

Hi, I'm new to crysis wars, and had to install Game Spy Comrade to play the game online, now I want a Win7 Desktop Gadget, for the hell of it!

More likely in the download site; otherwise, there is no way to get it...

Good luck!

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